Social Events

The Monthly Socials

About once each month, there is a friendly social gathering for HIV+, and poz-friendly, gay/bi/trans/questioning men in the greater Washington/Baltimore area.

The Socials are held in individual homes in DC, MD, or VA, usually on a Saturday evening, bringing together 30 to 45 primarily single gay males.

Although the socials are intended primarily for HIV+ gay men, all are welcome.

This is an uncomplicated, friendly, upbeat bunch.

Discretion is respected.

Location and Directions

Since the Socials are held in different locations each month, directions are available through our a web site, or by phone at (202) 670-1792. For reasons of privacy and security, we don’t advertise the location of the socials, directly on our web site. Instead, we provide a link to a “hidden” page, to people who sign up with our “Monthly Social” Yahoo! group. By subscribing to the group, you not only get hidden page link, you also get notices about upcoming socials, and a chance to post messages about other subjects that are relevant to the poz community in the area.


Please Note

H.O.P.E. finds cool people to host the socials in reasonably safe locations, then “spreads the word” to the poz community about them.

That said, please be aware that the socials are private events, usually held at the home of the host.

H.O.P.E. does not run the socials, nor provide security services for them. As such, H.O.P.E assumes no liability for the behavior of guests, for lost or stolen property, or the physical security of guests on or near the premises.