About Us

NOTE: Our funding is largely derived from individual gifts and Grants.

Our Start

In 1988, during the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic, about a dozen HIV+ gay men from Washington, DC met during a clinical trial.  They decided they needed a break from the lab coats and statistics, so they threw a party.  Naturally, they all invited “a few close friends”.  Word spread, and in the end, several times as many people as they were expecting showed up!  Everyone just wanted to have some fun.  The drug they were getting in the trial is long since history, but the parties (now called “Socials”) that they started are still going strong!

Our Name

Our formal name is the “Health Options and Positive Energy Foundation, Inc.”.  Like most formal names, ours is a bit too long for every day conversation, so typically, we refer to ourselves by a shortened version of our name.  For many years, people knew us as “The H.O.P.E. Foundation”, and some still do.  However, we now  prefer to be called “HOPE DC”, because its quicker to say and remember, and because it reminds people that we are located in Washington, DC.

Our Mission

HOPE DC aims to assist the growing numbers of HIV+ gay men in the Washington, DC area, and those living with or affected by HIV.  Although our primary mission is for gay men, we don’t discriminate as to who may use our services.  All are welcome!

Our Method

HOPE DC is an all-volunteer organization that serves the HIV+ Community. We provide:

  • The Monthly Social, a stress-free gathering fostering mutual support and information sharing among peers and friends.
  • Articles on our website: Living with HIV of local interest for the greater Washington, DC area and of wider interest to the entire HIV+ community.
  • Links to other HIV sites and information sources.
  • Occasional public seminars or lectures.

Our belief is that by providing such services, we help HIV+ gay men foster a greater self-esteem and sense of community, and this in turn fosters the responsibility and behavior that helps diminish the spread of HIV.

Our Address

The Health Options & Positive Energy Foundation, Inc. (or simply: HOPE DC)
2000 14th Street, NW
Suite 105
Washington, DC 20009

(202) 670-1792

Please note that our address is the same as that of the “The DC Community Center”, Washington, DC’s LGBT center.

Health Options and Positive Energy Foundation, Inc, is a publicly-supported non-profit organization under IRS 501 (c) (3) Tax exemption number 52-1797616.

A WIN-WIN Situation:

Contributions to the Foundation are eligible as tax deductions.

They may be sent to the address above to help support our work for the HIV+.

Our funding is largely derived from individual gifts and grants.