Hosts for the Monthly Social in the Greater DC Area

Hosts for the Monthly Socials:

Hosts for the Monthly Social are volunteers who open their homes to the group for a couple of hours once or twice a year (or maybe just once in their lives).

What Hosts Provide:

  • Generally, they provide a place to gather for 25-70, preferably near public transportation.
  • Typically, they provide ice, cups, and napkins.
  • Ideally, the host should have some dishes or platters and serving utensils for food supplied by the guests.
  • Often they also provide some food and/or mixers.
  • Occasionally, they have provided a feast.


The host selects the time and place for the Social, typically in his home but conceivably in a public park or elsewhere.


The majority of hosts have traditionally chosen Saturday evenings. They are free to choose other times. The most commonly chosen hours have been 8:00-11:00 or 8:30-11:30 PM, but some have chosen longer, shorter, earlier, or run later. Typically, the crowd drifts out in time to get to the cruise bars at their height.


Shortly after committing, the host should provide for early release to the guests:

  • the address, including any apartment number or dial entry code
  • the closest metro stop, and approximate distance from it
  • the nearest cross street
  • possibly a rough map of how to get there, and
  • an assessment of the difficulty in finding parking.

Interested in hosting a Social?   Or perhaps assisting?  Click here to send us a message!  We’ll get in contact with you by phone or e-mail (your choice) and we can give you more information and work out the details