Welcome to HOPE DC

HOPE DC is here to assist the social and informational needs of HIV+ gay men and others in the Washington DC area.

We celebrate the dramatic medical breakthroughs that have turned HIV into a manageable condition, but we are deeply aware of the social challenges of living well and responsibly with HIV. That is why, after more than 29 years, we are still here!


We provide:

  • Peer Support: the Monthly Socials and other social opportunities for the HIV+
  • Links to Other Information Sources on HIV
  • Information about the HOPE DC itself and the services it provides
  • Articles
  • Other items of local interest to the greater Washington, DC area
  • Other items of interest to the general HIV+ community

Help Us Keep Helping! We are now able to accept donations via PAYPAL.
Donations are tax-deductible.


We proudly support Brother Help Thyself!